About Us

Our Story

Our company started in 2013 to help people by providing healthy food on the go. We develop protein and granola bars that are made of nutritional ingredients that are good for your body. Being a mom, business woman and wife I am always on the go and have always struggled with having a quick healthy snack with quality nutritional ingredients, high in fiber and protein that I could have for myself and also feel comfortable giving to my daughters.

Our bars are made with gluten free ingredients, high quality protein, and only sweetened with honey. They are shelf stable, do not need to be stored in the refrigerator and do not need to be heated or prepared in any way. We never use any additives or preservatives, only natural ingredients that you can pronounce. We now have over 10 flavors of protein and granola bars that are nutritious and delicious. We sell our bars to fitness centers, market places, hotels, wellness centers and direct to consumers. Based on years of feedback, we have something for everyone. I am fortunate to have reached my goal of providing fulfilling, conscious free bars that help people on the go stay nourished throughout their busy lifestyles.
Our Vision
Be a leading company in the sale of protein bars and cereals, standing out for the excellence and quality of the products.
Our Mission
Provide people throughout the United States with a healthy and high quality food.